Student Councillors

Student Council Vision Statement

Student leaders at Roebuck Primary School will work together to make our school an encouraging, safe and welcoming learning environment for students, staff and community members.


As Student Leaders we will endeavour to be positive, fair and responsible role models for all students at Roebuck Primary School.



Student Council 2017


Coordinator:     Mrs Louise Bowtell Deputy Principal
School Captain:    Lily D  
School Captain:   Jake M              
Student Councillors:   Year 6 Year 5
    Chloe A Jed E
    Tom H Phoebe H
    Bonnie H Carlo M
    Ash S Taya S

Madison S

Maddison S


Artie W

Joshua T






Ibis   Max P Leo D
Greenshank         Luke P Riley O
Spoonbill   Spencer H Finnlay N
Whimbrel   James H Tayla V